Medical Care
Health check-ups are among the most important ways of identifying potential illnesses at an early stage and treating them quickly and effectively.
Medical Care
Medical Care
Medical Care
Medical Care

Medical Care

Health check-ups are among the most important ways of identifying potential illnesses at an early stage and treating them quickly and effectively.

In cooperation with our Public Medical Officer and project partner, Dr. Ingemar Blaas, and the doctors at the Martinsbrunn ParkClinic in Merano, we have supplemented our health project, “Gsund bleibm! Salute! Take care!” with expert medical care.

During an initial visit, Dr. Blaas will highlight individual actions and appropriate precautionary measures.
In the Martinsbrunn ParkClinic there is a specialist team of doctors offering consultations and specific check-ups that are individually tailored to your needs.

Regular preventative check-ups provide you with certainty. They mean that preventative measures can be taken at an early stage to preserve your vitality and quality of life and help you to remain healthy.
Dr. Ingemar Blaas
As an experienced physician and pioneering figure, Dr. Ingemar Blaas has been involved in the “Gsund bleibm! Salute! Take care!” health project from the very start. Approachable and knowledgeable, he has been using his expertise to target disease prevention for years, and has played a significant part in the successful implementation of Partschins’ health programme.

Degree in Medicine at Innsbruck University Hospital; successful completion of the state medical examination in Bologna. Many years of work as a sports doctor, specialising in general medicine. Since 2013, Dr. Blaas has been a doctor of general medicine, Public Medical Officer and Municipal Hygiene Officer in the district of Partschins. In his day-to-day work with patients he focuses on disease prevention and preventative care.

As part of the “Gsund bleibm! Salute! Take care!” project, in his practice in Rabland, Dr. Blaas offers initial medical consultations that include history taking, blood pressure measurement and the opportunity to discuss any findings. In addition, he issues certificates of fitness for the "Terrainkur" terrain cure trails.
In the course of your initial visit, other consultations and additional services can be agreed independently.

The cost of an initial visit is €60.
Appointments can be made by telephone on +39 0473 967420 or by email to:
Martinsbrunn ParkClinic
Specialists, skilled therapists and a team of friendly staff await you at the new Martinsbrunn ParkClinic in Merano.
Diagnostic tests, medical visits and consultations are carried out in a quiet, dignified environment and a variety of treatments and check-ups are also offered. The team at the ParkClinic will attend to your individual needs, requests and complaints and will strive to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible.

Focus on Prevention
The following examinations and tests with all associated services are offered at the Martinsbrunn ParkClinic:
- Pulmonology / allergology
- Cardiology and internal medicine
- Laboratory
- Dermatology
- Speech therapy
- Phlebology
- Physiotherapy
- Traumatology / orthopaedics in cooperation with the doctors of the renowned Dolomiti Sportclinic
- Gynaecology
- Podiatry
- Psychology, psychotherapy
- Ultrasound
- Urology
- Occupational therapy
- Nutrition advice
- “All round healthy” health training

Laboratory tests are offered under the same terms as in the public hospital or in the municipality.
Taking of agreed blood samples (with doctor’s prescription) from 7 to 10 am. Private (by appointment) from 7 to 9.30 am.
Specialist consultations and physiotherapy sessions can be reserved privately or in part in agreement with the local healthcare trust with a doctor’s prescription.

Appointment reservations in the Martinsbrunn ParkClinic / Dolomiti Sportclinic: Tel. +39 0473 205743
Dr. Karin Steckholzer
Cardiology and Internal Medicine

Medical degree in Innsbruck. Training in General Medicine and Internal Medicine in Austria and Germany. After many years working abroad, Dr. Steckholzer returned to South Tyrol and for 5 years practised as a Senior Physician for Internal Medicine at Bressanone / Brixen Hospital. Since moving to the Martinsbrunn ParkClinic in 2016, she has dedicated herself to preventative medicine and offers a wide range of services. Her key areas of specialism are diseases of the cardiovascular system and comprehensive ultrasound diagnostics.

The Outpatient Clinic for Internal Medicine at the ParkClinic offers the following services:
• Cardiology consultations
• Internal Medical consultations
• Physical examination
• Blood pressure analysis
• Echocardiography
• Resting ECG
• Ambulatory ECG, ambulatory blood pressure
• Stress ECG
• Lung function testing
• Sleep apnoea screening
Dr. Andreas Marseiler
Pulmonology and Allergology

Medical degree in Innsbruck, Vienna and Freiburg im Breisgau. Training as an emergency doctor, doctor of General Medicine and specialist in Pulmonology in Salzburg. Back in South Tyrol, Dr. Marseiler works as a Senior Physician in the Department of Pulmonology in Bolzano Hospital. Since 2018 he has taught pulmonology at the Provincial Technical College for the Health Professions in Bolzano - Claudiana; he is also completing a part-time Master’s degree in Interventional Pulmonology. Since 2020 he has also practised at the Martinsbrunn ParkClinic.

The following services are offered in the Outpatient Clinic for Pulmonology and Allergology at the ParkClinic:
• Specialist consultations
• Basic spirometry
• Spirometry with lysis test
• Methacholine test (Asthma workup)
• Night-time polygraphy (sleep laboratory)
• Allergy workup, skin prick test
• Ultrasound: heart, lungs, thorax

Dr. Andreas Marseiler is able to assist with the following complaints:
• Smoking-related heart and lung diseases, chronic bronchitis
• Acute/chronic cough, COPD
• Respiratory infections, flu, lung inflammation
• Asthma, wheezing, respiratory distress
• Allergy workup, hay fever, allergic respiratory diseases
• Lung nodules, pleural effusion, cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency
• Interstitial lung diseases (e.g. pulmonary fibrosis, pneumoconiosis, asbestosis, silicosis etc.)
• Sleep-related respiratory disorders, snoring, sleep apnoea
• Pain: chest pains, acid indigestion, chest/throat tightness, rib pain
• Preoperative assessment, optimisation, clearance for surgery
• Pulmonary rehabilitation and training
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