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Climatic therapy night-time hike to the Partschins Waterfall

Experience nature with all of your senses.

Climatic therapy is the application of natural weather and climatic factors for therapeutic purposes.
Part of a successful hike is a lovely landscape where participants can feel completely safe and enjoy the appeal of constant new discoveries - both external and internal. A night-time hike places particular demands on not only our imagination, but also our senses. Our sense of smell and hearing react more keenly to the darkness. In addition, it is also easier to walk at night. We cannot tell in advance if we have reached our destination, and the rhythm of our steps helps give our thoughts free rein.

This night-time variant of the climatic therapy hike leads through the darkness in the natural surroundings up to Partschins Waterfall. Thunderous noise and the finest spray herald the waterfall, which is revealed as an impressive natural spectacle after a good hour’s walk ascending 430 metres. A boon to lungs afflicted by life in the city, soothing for the soul and spirit. Measured exercise combined with targeted climatic exposure and expertly guided endurance and thermoregulation training lead to relaxation and recuperation, as well as increased resistance and a stronger immune system.

The special microclimate around Partschins Waterfall, the pure air quality, which was ascertained in a scientific study conducted by the Technical University of Munich, and the unique mix of stimuli and protective factors offer the perfect conditions for climatic therapy treatments.
Coming from Meran/o or Vinschgau/Val Venosta drive through Töll towards Partschins. The Via Stampfstraße leads you uphill to the centre of Partschins/Parcines. At the entrance of the village, there is a parking deck on your right with an underground car park below. From there walk along the Via Gaudententurmstraße (appox. 200 m) to the Tourist Office Partschins, which ist located next to the Raifffeisenkasse bank.
To bring along
Comfortable hiking clothing appropriate for the temperatures, sturdy shoes and drink.
In case of cancellation, a return of the participation fee is only possible if the cancellation is made within the registration period.

In case of rain or thunderstorms the event cannot take place. The participation fee will be refunded in full.
Additional info
A certified climate therapist will welcome you at the Tourist Office in Parcines and will adjust your personal fitness watches and take your pulse and blood pressure. The necessary equipment and fitness watches are provided. Afterwards, you will hike together to the Parcines waterfall under expert guidance for endurance and thermoregulation training at a pace that suits you.
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