The Merano Waalweg Circuit

he paths along the irrigation channels in Merano: the Merano Waalweg Circuit surrounds the Merano basin. It is 80 km. in length and walkers can do it in various stages as they prefer.
The Merano Waalweg Circuit is recommended as an eight day tour and is the perfect place for various one-day excursions.
The circuit includes parts of eleven different Waalweg paths, along which walkers can stop to admire the remote little houses where the Waal path guards live and the wooden shutters which regulate the water flow, as well as ancient castles, churches, chapels and places of great natural beauty.
The paths along the irrigation channels in Merano embrace the Merano along an 80 km path. The tracks are passable year round and join eleven paths along the irrigation channels in the Merano area – the Lagundo, Caines, Rifiano, Maia, Scena, Brandis in Lana, Cermes, Marlengo, Percines, Rablà and Wallburg paths.
The Waalweg paths meander at an altitude of between 400mt. to a maximum 900 mt. above the valley.