Waterfall trout Waterfall trout Waterfall trout

Waterfall trout

with Alpine-Mediterranean filling on roasted radicchio and organic potato wedges

30 Min
30 Min
Recipe for 4 people

4 Trout, ca. 300 grams each, gutted and cleaned
700 g Potatoes from the Niedereben organic farm in Rablà/Rabland
2 Radicchio di Treviso (Italian red chicory)
1 bunch Arugula
2 Sun-dried tomatoes
12 Capers
4 Garlic cloves
40 g Flour for dredging
¼ liter Oil for roasting the trout
1 tbs Extra-virgin olive oil from Trentino – for the radicchio
1 bunch Parsley
Butter from the Lagundo dairy
Salt and pepper
4 Untreated lemon slices
Preparation of trout:
Wash the trout under cold running water and pat dry. Season both the inside and the outside with pepper and salt. Fill with a mixture of chopped garlic, fresh arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, whole capers, and parsley and coat in flour. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the trout on both sides for ca. five minutes until it turns golden brown. In doing so, it is important to turn over the fish frequently for even cooking. Remove from heat and toss in a bit of brown butter to refine.

Preparation of potato wedges
Wash and peel the potatoes and cut them into wedges. Cook in a pot of salted water for ca. 15 minutes until they are done.
Preparation of radicchio:
Cut the radicchio into quarters and remove the stalk. Heat some oil in a layered pan and brown the radicchio from all sides, then add salt and remove from the pan.

Plate the roasted radicchio, arrange the trout on top together with the potato wedges and drizzle some browned butter. Sprinkle some parsley on it and garnish with lemon slices.
Recipe by: Erna Fischer, Restaurant Wasserfall
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