On holiday with your dog in Schenna in South Tyrol
On holiday with your dog in Schenna in South Tyrol

On holiday with your dog in Schenna in South Tyrol

Here, in Schenna/Scena, four-legged friends are welcome. This applies to their owners too, of course! For dog-lovers, there’s nothing better than finding a dog-friendly vacation spot. Ranging from apartments to 4-star hotels, these foothills beneath the South Tyrolean Alps offer a wide choice of dog-friendly accommodation. In Schenna’s nature friendly outdoor spaces, your happy mutt has more than enough room to exercise. Whether it's accompanying you on a hike, a training run, going with you for a swim, or just frolicking around in the greenery, your four-legged friends will find all sorts of things to arouse their senses. For dog-owners, holidays in Schenna offer numerous opportunities to mix work and pleasure. 

Outdoor company
Taking your dog with you on leisurely walks and mountain hikes must surely rank high on your holiday wish list. Both in summer and winter, there are numerous experiences with your animal in this South Tyrolean mountain-paradise to enjoy. We can recommend taking your pets on leisurely walks along the shady Waalwege irrigation channel trails, or following the Mitterplattweg trail which, from the Schenna village centre, winds its way through apple orchards and vineyards down to the spa town of Meran/Merano. Whether it’s leisurely walks or more challenging hikes, you’ll find everything you need to keep yourself and your four-legged friend entertained in and around Schenna.

Dog Sitting
Should you wish to take a break for one day, Hannes Conci will be happy to dog-sit for you. 
See: www.cdogs.it

Rules that dog-owners must abide by 
To enjoy a perfect holiday in Schenna with your dog, there are inevitably a few important rules that you need to follow. A valid EU pet passport is required, showing that your dog is vaccinated against rabies. The certificate must also show that vaccination took place at least 21 days prior to arrival. Furthermore, each dog needs a microchip for individual identification. 

For dogs registered before 3 July 2011, a clearly legible tattoo is sufficient. Puppies less than three months old and without anti-rabies vaccination are not allowed into Italy.

When required, dogs must be kept on a leash with a muzzle must always at hand if needed.

Don't forget: in Italy, as elsewhere, dog owners are obliged to properly dispose of their doggie poo. In Schenna, this is made easier thanks to the ubiquitous ROBIDOG dog waste disposal bins. 
Dog training service
C.DOGS-Training in Schenna
Dog training service
Dog training service
Hannes Conci, our friendly dog handler, would be happy to help you further improve your already great relationship with your four-legged friend. Hannes’s ...
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