Scena FAQ
Frequent questions and answers about Scena
Scena FAQ

Scena FAQ

Frequent questions and answers about Scena

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are a list of the most common questions visitors ask when planning holidays in Merano and Environs. Questions and answers can be found in this section.
Where are the bus stops?
The main bus stops are at schools and in the centre of Schenna (Café Christoph). The schedule you have received at your hotel or at the tourist office lists all additional bus stops, as well as the times of departure.
What kinds of tickets are available and what are the relevant advantages?
- Single ticket: Valid for one journey and one person only. Advantage: when taking the bus only once or twice.
- Value card: Available for € 10, € 25 and € 50. Valid for two years until used up. Advantage: Journeys are less expensive compared to single tickets and several people can use the same card.
- Weekly card BusCard Meran & surroundings: Non transferable. Advantage: valid for 7 consecutive days for all public buses in Merano and surroundings.
Mobilcard South Tyrol: Non transferable. Advantage: available for either on 1, 3 or 7 consecutive days for all public transport (buses, trains and ropeways) in South Tyrol.
MuseumobilCard (mobility and museums)
Bikemobil Card (mobility and bike rental)
What is the price for a bus ticket?
- One-way ticket to Merano € 1.50
- BusCard Merano and surroundings for 7 days: € 16
- Value cards available for € 10, € 25 and € 50
- Mobilcard South Tyrol for 1 day: € 20 for adults / € 10 for children (from the age of 6 to under 14 years)
- Mobilcard South Tyrol for 3 days: € 30 for adults / € 15 for children (from the age of 6 to under 14 years)
- Mobilcard South Tyrol for 7 days: € 45 for adults / € 22.50 for children (from the age of 6 to under 14 years)
What kind of bus tickets can be used for different types of journeys?
- Value cards: all around South Tyrol
- Weekly card BusCard Merano & surroundings: Scena, Merano, Avelengo, Verano, San Genesio Atesino, Tirolo, Rifiano, Passeier Valley, Lana, Ulten Valley, Foiana, Fondo, Marlengo, Lagundo, Parcines, Naturno and Schnals valley. In addition all city lines inside Merano
- Mobilcard South Tyrol: all public transport in South Tyrol
Where can I buy a bus ticket?
Individual tickets and value cards can be purchased on the bus. Weekly bus tickets (BusCard Merano and surroundings), value cards and MobilCards are available at the tourist office.
What will the weather be like today? Where can I receive information about the weather?
Information about the weather can be found in the "morning mail" newspaper at the tourist board office, at the Infopoint outside the tourist office or online.
Where can I receive information about the traffic? Which passes are closed etc?
Online or call the Traffic and Travel Information: Tel: +39 0471 200198
What events are on today / over the next days in Scena and surroundings?
Information about events can be found online, in the "morning mail" newspaper, the event calender at the tourist office and on the board at the tourist office or your hotel.
Where can I book events, bus excursions, children’s programme?
Bookings are accepted at the tourist office – at least one day prior to the event.
What is there for kids to do?
Information about children’s entertainment are listed in the brochure "Schenna4Family". The brochure is available at the tourist office and your hotel. During holiday times, the tourist office offers multiple activities for children.

Further information: Children’s and family Program
Where can we go in the evening to dance / enjoy a glass of wine/cocktail etc?
Information about music events are listed in the event calender at the tourist office, as well as on the board. Information about pubs and restaurants can be found here: Restaurants in Schenna
How much do the individual cable-car tickets cost?
Prices for individual lift facilities can be found here: The cableways and chairlift of Schenna 
What are the opening hours for places of interest?
All information on places of interest in Scena and South Tyrol can be found here: Places of interest
When are the shops open for business?
In general, shops are open from 8/8.30 am to 12.30 pm and again from 3 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Exact details can be found here: Shops in Schenna
Can you tell me how often I have been in Scena on holiday?
For reasons of data protection, this information is not stored at the tourist office in Scena. Guests are only registered in their hotel. Please contact the hotel reception for further information.
What is the GuestCard?
The GuestCard is a discount card, which gives you reductions on prices in a variety of museums, cable-cars, sports and leisure facilities, as well as events which are organised by the tourist office.The GuestCard is only available at member businesses of the Schenna, Meran, Dorf Tirol, Algund and Naturns Tourist Associations.
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