Music and Concerts in Scena and Merano
Musical summer evenings in Scena
Music and Concerts in Scena and Merano

Music and Concerts in Scena and Merano

Musical summer evenings in Scena

In Scena/Schenna there is music playing! Every Wednesday evening from May to September, the Summer Evenings are held in Scena, featuring live music by contemporary and traditional ensembles and musicians. The shops remain open until 9:30 pm, while food stalls and cafes supply visitors with food and drink all along the boulevard. The balmy summer evenings are filled with music and fun, with the best brass bands of the region performing regularly on the main Raiffeisenplatz square in Scena.

Brass bands in Scena and Merano
In the local culture of Merano and Environs, traditional music bands are a central institution of village life. Traditionally they have provided music for festive occasions and maintained local customs, and together with the music schools, also provided musical education for young musicians for many years. So it is not surprising that today some of the bands have attained a remarkable level of skill and virtuosity. Their performances include not only folk music, but also jazz and classical music, depending on the program and repertoire.
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Summer evenings in Scena
A Summer’s Evening in Scena
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