Scena in South Tyrol

The sunny terrace above Merano

Scena/Schenna is set in a prime location on the slopes above the spa town of Merano/Meran. It consists of seven villages at different altitudes and is characterised by a special blend of South Tyrolean charm and Mediterranean lifestyle. Scena’s privileged position brings together an undeveloped rural environment with the convenience of proximity to an urban center and its rich cultural life. Thanks to the mild climate, hiking and mountain biking is possible from spring until late autumn. Families will find ideal hiking trails leading up to mountain pastures with spectacular panoramic views and numerous mountain inns. With its modern conveniences and rural charm, Scena is an ideal destination for a family vacation, offering high-standard facilities and cozy accommodation facilities.

Encircled by magnificent mountains, Scena is traversed by numerous hiking trails leading to and from the Ifinger and Hirzer peaks extending as far as the Merano 2000 recreational area. The vegetation at different altitudes around Scena varies just as much. While in the village at 600 meters you can find palm trees and cypresses, conditions at 1,536 meters near the outlying hamlet of Videgg are decidedly Alpine. The two most distinctive landmarks in Scena are the Schenna Castle and the Mausoleum of Archduke Johann. Like Empress Sissi, this is also where the Archduke once used to spend his summer months.

From easy walks along the old irrigation channels and hikes up to mountain huts, through the forests and meadows or high-altitude trails in the Sarntal Alps, Scena is a perfect departure point for a wide range of outdoor activities. Thanks to five cableways and two chairlifts, the hiking areas above Scena are also accessible on foot as well. There are numerous restaurants, mountain huts, and shelters welcoming hikers at various altitudes, with authentic South Tyrolean hospitality, traditional hearty Tyrolean meals, and sophisticated local culinary delights.

Scena’s privileged position brings together an undeveloped rural environment with the convenience of proximity to an urban center and its rich cultural life. In Scena itself, rural traditions continue to predominate, with agriculture and farming remaining the mainstay of the local economy. In the fruit orchards, there are around 800,000 trees covering 300 hectares of land, all following the strict standards of integrated production yielding first-grade produce. Nearly 70 farmers are involved in animal husbandry, with about 1,500 heads of cattle and other livestock. The contribution of the mountain farmers is crucial – in addition to high quality crops and produce they also look after and maintain the land that is shared by visitors and locals for recreational purposes.
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Schenna - Scena 4 days ago Schenna - Scena

Hereinspaziert in die schönsten Privatgärten Schennas ☀💐😍
Entdeckt die wundervolle Blumenpracht bei einer Gartentour durch Schenna und erfahrt mehr über die Welt der Kräuter, fachkundig begleitet von der Landschaftsarchitektin Andrea Göhring. 😊

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📷 Marion Lafogler

Schenna - Scena 4 days ago Schenna - Scena

Die beeindruckenden Bergfeuer in Form von Herzen und Kreuzen erleuchten auch heuer wieder am kommenden Sonntag die Bergketten. 🔥❤️ Die spektakulären Aufnahmen vom letzten Jahr geben schon mal einen schönen Einblick in die Tradition der Herz-Jesu-Feuer. 😍 |

Gli impressionanti fuochi di montagna a forma di cuori e di croci illumineranno di nuovo le catene montuose questa domenica. 🔥❤️ Le spettacolari riprese dell'anno scorso danno una bella impressione della tradizione dei fuochi del Sacro Cuore. 😍

#weloveschenna #lichtblicke #momentidiluce

🎥 gugg films

Schenna - Scena 6 days ago Schenna - Scena

Traumhafter Blick auf den Kirchhügel von Schenna 😍 | Vista splendida sulla collina delle chiese di Scena 😍

📷 Hannes Niederkofler

Schenna - Scena 8 days ago Schenna - Scena

Hereinspaziert! Die Führungen im Schloss Schenna sind immer wieder ein faszinierendes Erlebnis und besonderes Urlaubs-Highlight. 🏰 😍 Wer von euch war schon einmal im Schloss Schenna? 🤔

ℹ️ Weitere Infos und Termine:


📷 Klaus Peterlin

Schenna - Scena 9 days ago Schenna - Scena

Italien gilt ab Sonntag, 6. Juni 2021 in Deutschland nicht mehr als Risikogebiet. 😊❤️

ℹ️ Bei der Rückreise von Südtirol nach Deutschland müssen Gäste somit nicht mehr die Anmelde- und Nachweispflicht erfüllen. Somit ist die Rückreise ohne Einschränkungen möglich. 👍 Da u.a. das Bundesland Tirol und Vorarlberg noch als Risikogebiete eingestuft sind, sollte die Rückreise ohne Zwischenstopp erfolgen. 🚗

Schenna - Scena 17 days ago Schenna - Scena

Unser neuer Photopoint in Schenna 😍 Mit diesem wunderbaren Ausblick auf das Blumenherz und den Kirchhügel wünschen wir euch ein schönes Wochenende! ☀😊


Design: Andrea Göhring Landschaftsarchitektin Garten&Design Beratung Planung

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