Schenna's apple trees in bloom
Schenna's apple trees in bloom
For its visitors, Schenna/Scena’s attraction lies in its special mixture of South Tyrolean charm, living traditions and Mediterranean lifestyle.

As nature reawakens from its winter lethargy, and with rising temperatures, the Meran/Merano valley basin around Schenna is transformed into a breath-taking sea of apple blossoms for two or three weeks in spring (from the beginning to mid-month in April). With its sunny terraced position above the spa town of Meran, Schenna is perfect for admiring the floral spectacle down below. The rolling apple orchards are blanketed in pink and white hues, even while the distant peaks might still be cloaked in snow that sparkles in the sun.

The mild, pleasant climate that accompany leisurely walks through blossoming apple meadows is enough to reawaken even the most reticent hibernators, preparing them for the onset of the warmer season. Look out for the Waalwege paths near the age-old watercourses flowing along the mountain slopes. These canals are still used today to irrigate the orchards and vineyards. With the reawakening of spring, Schenna plays host to all kinds of festivities, markets, events and nature tours. There are also plenty of outdoor activities that help participants to energise and regain fitness at the start of the new season, where the emphasis is on enjoyment and promoting a sense of well-being.
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