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Sci alpinismo

Sci alpinismo al Similaun

Starting point: Mountain station Grawand (3212 m) or refuge lodge Bella Vista (2842 m)
Best time: March to May
Day 1 ascent: 600 m elevation gain, 4 hours

The same ascent route as Ski Tour 6 to the Ötzi discovery site; the trail then takes you downhill on the Niederhochferner glacier and briefly uphill to the Similaun lodge (3019 m).

Day 2 ascent: 600 m elevation gain, 2 hours

The ascent goes from the Similaun lodge to Similaun in a south-easterly direction over the Niederjochferner glacier, rising only slightly to begin with but becoming steeper, up to a narrow and often monitored summit ridge.

Descent A: descend back along the ascent route.

Descent B: eastwards to the Similaunjoch pass and then northwards over the Marzellferner glacier to the Martin-Busch lodge and on to Vent (A)

Descent C: eastwards to the Similaunjoch pass and then southwards over the Grafferner glacier and Graftal valley to Vorderkaser in the Pfossental valley. Of the 3 options, descent C (down into the Pfossental valley) is highly recommended but only in good conditions.

For good skiers with Alpine experience



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