Hike along the Schenner Waalweg Trail

General description

This picturesque hike along the Schenner Waal irrigation channel runs along an unspoilt trail through the chestnut grove and orchards high above the spa town of Merano, and is also thoroughly recommended for hot summer days.

Route description

From Scena, initially the trail heads uphill in the direction of Schennaberg, and crosses over Ifingerstrasse to the Taser / Pichler cable car. Signposts point towards the Waalweg, which leads in a southerly direction to the romantic Katzenleiter steps and onwards to the Brunjauhof farm. Accompanied by the lovely views of Merano, the trail passes through the meadows and forests above St. Georgen and ultimately descends back to Scena.

description to arrive at destination

From Merano direction Scena.

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