Scena to Trauttmansdorff Castle

General description

Passing Goyen, Vernaun and Labers castles en route, the finishing point of this pleasant, approximately two hour-long hike is Trauttmansdorff. As well as a visit to the botanical gardens, a detour to the Museum of Tourism is also well worthwhile. 

Route description

From Scena, the route leads to the gardens at Trauttmansdorff Castle in Obermais, a district of the spa town of Merano, initially on trail nos. 3 and 3A past Goyen Castle as far as Vernaun Castle. To the right of the latter castle, the route winds along the Naifbach beck as far as Labers Castle. The Kastanienweg path heads in a southerly direction to the impressive gardens at Trauttmansdorff Castle.

description to arrive at destination

Fro Merano direction Scena.

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