Circular hike in the village center of Scena

General description

Interesting sights and historic locations make this hike around Scena a special experience. Explore the area around the center of the village on easy, well-built paths on this one and a half hour-long hike.

Route description

In the center of Scena, turn on to Katnauweg path and then follow Mitterplattweg path; this takes you to Stickle Gasse, an old path connecting Scena and Obermais (along the way a plaque commemorates the Napoleonic Wars in 1809). At the Sonnwendhof inn turn left into the Maiser Waalweg trail that leads to Planta Castle. The Haslerweg trail leads to Oberhaslerhof farm. Now follow the Mitterplattweg path, pass by the open-air swimming pool, and back to Scena.

description to arrive at destination

From Merano direction Scena.

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