The Almenweg (Alpine Trail) in the Hirzer region

General description

This hike passes over the most spectacular alpine pastures on the slopes of the Hirzer and is a real scenic highlight. Especially in summer, when the alpenrose blossom paints the mountain meadows a brilliant red.

Route description

From the Hirzer cable car mountain station, trail no. 40 leads first of all to the Hirzer Hut. From there follow the E5 European Long Distance Hiking Trail to Hinteregg Alp and Mahd Alp. Just after this, trail 2B branches off leading gradually uphill to the Rotmoos. The alpine trail leads onwards between lush grasses and soft alpine flowers to Tallner Alp and next via Sonntagsweide to Staffell Alp and Assen Hut. From there it descends to the small mountain hamlet of Videgg and along trail no. 40A to the midway station of the Hirzer cable car.

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