To the inns on the Tallner Alm

General description

Not only when the Alpine roses are in bloom (approx. early-July) does the area around the Tallner Alm offer a wonderful countryside experience in the heart of the Alpine mountain formations and pastures which have been shaped by local agriculture.

Route description

The starting point for this hike is the Verdins-Talle cable car mountain station. Continuing with the Talle-Grube chair lift, to avoid using path no. 2 (approx. 350m above sea level), is recommended. From the Grube, path no. 8A continues on an easy ascent towards the Klammeben. Here, you cross into the forest, opening up breathtaking views of the Gruppo Tessa mountains opposite. The route takes you onwards, over a wide hiking trail, to the Hirzer Inn, the Resegger Alm and the somewhat higher up Tallner Alm Kaser. There are opportunities for a cosy pit stop at all these inns, which are renowned for their top-quality local dishes.

For the return to Talle di Sopra, hiking trail no. 4, which takes you past the Gompm Alm and the Hochwies to Prenn. From here, you can return to the Verdins-Talle cable car mountain station within 20 minutes.

Once you’re back in Verdines, you can take the bus back to Scena and Merano.

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