St. George’s church

The church of Saint George in St. Georgen originates from the 12th and 13th Centuries. This original round church was previously the fortress chapel of St. Georgen or Alt-Schenna. When lightning struck in 1591 and nearly half of the church was destroyed, the central part of the church was strengthened with an additional pillar. The frescoes from the 14th Century are well restored and represent the martyrdom of Saint George, the Day of Judgement and the legend about Saint Nicolas. The Gothic wing altar shows Saint George on a horse, fighting with the dragon. It is also worth mentioning that there is a rare illustration of Saint Kummernus from the 17th Century. Legend has it that she was a king’s daughter from the Iberian peninsula. She had taken a vow to stay a virgin. However, her father, the king, wanted her to marry. In this difficult situation, she prayed she would grow a beard, so to disguise her face. Her prayer was answered, but her father got her thrown into the dungeon and nailed to a cross. The only remain from the former St. Georgen fortress is the keep, which is known today as the ’Uhlentower’.

Description to arrive at destination

From Merano direction Scena/Schenna and then direction St. Georgen.

Opening hours: 26 maart 2024 - 8 november 2024
11:15 - 16:00
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