Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, also known as BIA Measurement, is a scientific method of analysing body composition. It provides information on the body’s water content and the distribution of muscle and fat. To do this, a weak, alternating current that cannot be felt is passed through the body.
The various types of tissue in our body all react with differing levels of conductivity to the current and can thus be identified. As a consequence, it is possible to subdivide the whole body mass into water, muscle mass and body fat.
In dietetics, a person’s health and nutritional status is assessed not only according to weight or the body mass index, but above all using body composition. The relationship between body fat and muscle mass may change without being discernible on the scales. The BIA measuring device detects changes in body composition and provides simple, quick and reliable information about the body’s current status.
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