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Traveling with Tisner Reisen: Venice – "Queen of the Adriatic"

A trip to Venice, passing through the Etsch Valley, the Sugana Valley and Padua, arriving at the Tronchetto bus station. Boat trip to Piazza San Marco included. Comprised of 118 islands, separated by canals and
linked together by approx. 398 bridges, the “Floating City” was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Venice was also one of the worldʼs largest trading towns until well into the 16th Century. The Canale Grande is Veniceʼs main thoroughfare. Once there, youʼll have time to visit the Dogeʼs Palace, the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, or just to wander round and explore. The boat back to the bus station
leaves in the late afternoon.
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