20 Min
20 Min
For 4-6 persons

300 g butter
160 g sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar
6 egg yolks
6 Protein
50 g sultanas (soaked in rum)
40 g ground hazelnuts
30 g candied fruits (minced)
1 pinch of salt
120 g icing sugar
280 g flour (type 00)
½ Package baking powder
100 ml milk
10 g cocoa powder tart
Whisk the butter until fluffy, add vanilla sugar, sugar and salt and continue whisking. Then add the egg yolks and stir until creamy. Add the sultanas, ground hazelnuts and chopped candied fruit.
Beat the egg whites until creamy and mix with the icing sugar. Mix the flour with the baking powder and add to the egg mixture with the milk. Carefully fold in the beaten egg white.
¾ of the mixture into small gugelhupf moulds greased with butter. Add the cocoa powder to the remaining dough, mix well and spread on the light-coloured dough. To marble the cake, use a toothpick to cut the cake spirally through the mixture.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180° for 20 minutes.
Dust with icing sugar and serve with chocolate sauce if desired.

Emperor Franz Josef ate this marble gugelhupf daily. His mistress Katharina Schratt prepared it for him daily. To be on the safe side, the cake was also delivered daily by the confectioner, in case she did not succeed.

If you do not use small Gugelhupf moulds with a diameter of 8-10 cm, the baking time increases to about 40 minutes at the same temperature.
Recipe by: Janett Platino, Restaurant Bad Egart / K&K Museum Bad Egart
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