Along Wiesenweg around Schenna

General description

The hike along Wiesenweg is a pleasant circular route that takes in Schenna’s castles and farms and offers some lovely scenic viewing points where you can stop along the way. Absolutely recommended when the apple blossom is in flower in spring.

Route description

Starting from the centre of the village, the route leads along Schlossweg past Schenna Castle and then branches off to the left to Thurn Castle and the Thurnerhof. Following Ifingerstrasse and over a small wooden bridge, the route continues to the Loth and Krebis farms as far as St. Georgen. Here the trail heads downhill to the Rodelstein and onwards to the idyllic Kampflkreuz observation deck. After a brief rest continue along Goyenweg and Schennastrasse to the open-air swimming pool. Take Mitterplattweg back to the centre of the village.

Description to arrive at destination
From Merano direction Schenna and further to the village center
Parking garage in the village center of Schenna or parking lot "Baumann" behind the tourist office Schenna
Public transport
Bus line 231 from Meran to Schenna (bus stop: center)
Safety instructions
Before setting out on your day excursion, please make sure of the weather and trail conditions.
Hiking boots
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