Alpine hike in the Hirzer Region

General description

This scenically enchanting hike over the broad alpine pastures of the Hirzer region is especially recommended during the alpine rose flowering season from late June to early July when the pastures are resplendent in shimmering red. 

Route description

Starting from the Hirzer cable car mountain station (Klammeben), path no. 40 leads to the Hirzerhütte mountain hut. Continue on a flat path (marking 1-E5) which leads to the alpine pastures of Hinteregg and Mahd. Just behind the pastures continue your way uphill to the Rotmoos. There, follow the path (marking 2) back to the Tallneralm alpine pasture, then turn right to the Hirzerhütte and back to Klammeben.

As an alternative, proceed via Scena to Verdins, take the cable car and then the chair lift Talle-Grube. From the mountain station it takes about 30 minutes to reach Klammeben by foot.

description to arrive at destination

Direction Saltaus to the valley station of the cable-car Hirzer or via Scena to the Verdins cable car.

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