The Meran High Mountain Trail in South Tyrol
Picturesque hiking tour of mountain huts in the Texelgruppe Nature Park
The Meran High Mountain Trail in South Tyrol

The Meran High Mountain Trail in South Tyrol

Picturesque hiking tour of mountain huts in the Texelgruppe Nature Park

The almost 100km long Merano High Mountain Trail in South Tyrol/Südtirol leads around the majestic Texelgruppe Nature Park range. This multi-day hike leads between mountain huts in the northwest of South Tyrol, and offers breathtaking views of the Dolomites, the Rosengarten massif and the Ortler mountain massif. The Alpine route was opened in 1985.

Structured as trips of five to eight days, surefooted climbers can hike through Alpine scenery and enjoy authentic South Tyrolean cuisine in the mountain huts along the way. Each stage is also accessible as a separate one-day hike, and some are also possible to do with a well-trained dog. A climb to the Spronser Seen lakes at 2,500m a.s.l., the highest Alpine lake district in Europe, is highly recommended.

The Merano High Mountain Trail is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the entire Alpine Region. Being at a constant height the path acts as intermediary between the high mountain climate of the Texel Group and the sub-mediterranean climate of the Etsch valley. There are numerous access paths to the Merano High Mountain Trail, and also several paths where you can enter and leave, so that the hike can be started and stopped at any point. In addition you can reach several farms next to the hiking trail. These can also be reached on access roads by car or by taxi, or by small ropeways. The tour is signposted No; 24. Exposed sections of the trail have been made secure by chains, ropes or railings. Steps and ladders also give access on the way up or down.

The Merano High Mountain Trail is divided into northern and southern circuits enabling one to hike along this trail in different seasons. The whole hike is 100 km long and takes between 4 and 6 days, and is open from early July until the end of September, depending on when snowfall begins. The Merano High Mountain Trail is not only a sporting challenge but also brings the hiker close to the exceptional flora and fauna that is so much part of the landscape. There are magnificient views of the Venosta valley, the Merano basin, the Alps of the Passeier and the Sarentino valley, as well as the Stubai and Ötz valley. You may even see the Dolomites, the Brenta Group and the Ortler-massif. Every turn offers you new impressions, and an insight in the world of South Tyrol mountain farmers who throughout the centuries of hard work created and preserved the landscape of these mountains.

Possible starting points: Monte S. Caterina, Unterstell, Alta Muta, Ulfas, Velloi/Vellau, Giggelberg, Val di Fosse/Pfossental, Pfelders/Plan, Cresta/Christl, Matatz
Duration: 5 - 8 days
Length: about 100 km
Height difference: 5.100 m
Difficulty: difficult excursion

Best hiking times
Merano High Mountain Trail South: May to October (depending on snow conditions, possible for longer)
Merano High Mountain Trail North: July to September (depending on snow conditions)
Full circular route: July to end of September

Suggestions for Stages
The suggestions for stages listed can be randomly combined. In addition, the stages can be walked in the other direction. Each individual stage can be walked as an independent day hike.

A package including hiking guide and luggage transport service along the Merano High Mountain Trail can be booked on selected dates at the Mountaineering school MeranAlpin and the OASE AlpinCenter Oberstdorf.

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The Merano High Mountain Trail
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