Farmer's museum Völlan

The Völlan Farming Museum is located in a beautiful annex of the vicarage that once housed fire wood, the laundry, a pigsty and the baking oven and nowadays impressively illustrates pre-industrial farm life to visitors.

In front of the entrance you can already see various sandstone vessels, baskets for piglets and other farming tools. The two-floor museum consists of four rooms. The first one presents an original living room and through clothes and everyday objects gives insights into a farmer's life in the 18th century.

Many utensils like a butter churn, a Keschtnriggl (a traditional chestnut basket), sausage presses and pasta machines are on display in the adjacent kitchen, whereas the next room presents tools of all kinds that mainly were hand-made by the farmers of the pre-industrial era.

Nothing is better than to learn from history by living it. That is the reason why the Farmer's Museum in Völlan not only is meant for grown-up visitors but for students and children too, because ultimately it gives us insights into the hard everyday life of times long past.

Here you get an impression of the huge diversity of tools a farmer would need and use back then. The upper floor houses tools and equipment for spinning and weaving like a loom, a reel, etc. The mill in the last room, however, originates from Oberinn on the river Ritten near the capital of Bolzano/Bozen.

Opening hours 2024: April 30 2024 - October 31 2024
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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