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Fishing in Scena near Merano in South Tyrol
Angling in the country from Saltusio to the Ultental Valley
Fishing in Scena near Merano in South Tyrol

Fishing in Scena near Merano in South Tyrol

Angling in the country from Saltusio to the Ultental Valley

With its many streams and flowing or standing waters, South Tyrol is a land of fishing enthusiasts and anglers. At the gushing river, an alpine reservoir lake, small streams or mountain lake, in Scena/Schenna and the surrounding area, each angler finds the suitable waters for fishing. The most common types of fish are trout, salmon trout, char and grayling.

Fishing in the nearby Ultental Valley is very popular. With its waters, lakes and mountain streams, the Ultental Valley provides ideal conditions for fly fishing and angling. The cold and oxygen-rich waters contain mainly trout and char. The best fishing spots are the Falschauer river, the Zoggler reservoir in S. Valburga/St. Walburg and the idyllic Grünsee lake.

To enable fishing at all public waters in Italy while on holiday, a valid state fishing licence for tourists (Type D) as well as a fish water day ticket of the respective section of water is required. The fishing licence can be obtained at the Amt für Jagd und Fischerei (Office for Hunting and Fishing) in Bolzano/Bozen (Tel. +39 0471 415176).

Braunsberg Fishery in Ultental Valley:
To fish in the Ultental Valley, visitors require an Italian Type D state licence. This is issued in the S. Valburga Tourist Office. In addition, a fish water day ticket which is obtainable in local retail outlets is required.
3 reservoirs (S. Pancrazio/St. Pankraz, S. Valburga, Arzkar)
The Falschauer river from below S. Pancrazio to S. Gertrude/St. Gertraud
7 mountain lakes
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Oliver Schwienbacher is a certified guide and offers courses as well as guided tours.
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