Events at Lazaun

Now it's getting cool: The Lazaun events are going into the winter edition! If you're freezing, you're losing when local bands and DJs heat you up. Shake the snow off your shoes with chill beats and groovy sounds and rock the hut with us, because with the colorful live acts, parties, and other specials, a trip to the white Val Senales becomes an unforgettable experience.

03.12.2022 - Bad Taste 80’s – 90’s-Party | starting from 13.00
01.01.2023 - Weißwurst & Bubbles | starting from 10.00
05.02.2023 - DJ Flocky | starting from 10.00
16.02.2023 - Carneval Party with the band Selfmade Lemonade | starting from 13.00
05.03.2023 - DJ Toro | starting from 13.00
19.03.2023 - Bad Taste Snow Hike (at the central place at Maso Corto) | starting from 10.00
16.04.2023 - End of season with Jason Nussbaumer | starting from 13.00
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