The Passeiertal Valley

A holiday in one of the most varied valleys of South Tyrol

The Passeiertal Valley, birthplace of the Tyrolean national hero Andreas Hofer, is one of the most unspoiled and scenically diverse valleys in South Tyrol. Located north of Meran/Merano, the valley winds upwards to the Jaufenpass pass, along an ancient trading route. In the lower part of the valley, between Riffian/Rifiano-Kuens/Caines, St. Martin/S. Martino and the main town of St. Leonhard/S.Leonardo, holidaymakers will find a gentle, expansive valley landscape with Mediterranean flair and top-class hotels. In the upper part of the valley, between Moos/Moso, Stuls/Stulles, Rabenstein/Corvara, Platt/Plata and “soft mobility” Pfelders/Plan, the high alpine landscape rises proudly, offering breath-taking views into the mountains. Protected on its north side, with 300 days of sunshine every year and fascinating climatic contrasts, the Passeiertal Valley is a top destination for athletes, families, gourmets and those seeking rest and relaxation.
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Passeiertal-Val Passiria 18 hours ago Passeiertal-Val Passiria

Conosci lo Strauben? 👅

Si tratta di una gustosissima frittella altoatesina e ha una inconfondibile forma a chiocciola! 🐌

La ricetta tradizionale prevede di amalgamare farina, latte, zucchero, sale, uova, burro e un bicchierino di grappa: si ottiene una pastella che viene fritta e servita con marmellata di mirtilli e abbondante zucchero a velo. 🧇🫐

Un dolce squisito che si trova nelle sagre di paese, alle feste in piazza o nei masi ad alta quota: lo hai mai assaggiato? 😍

📷 Hubert Gögele


passeiertal_valpassiria Yesterday passeiertal_valpassiria

Have you ever been to the "Psairer Fraitig"? If not, then you should definitely consider going!😊
Until 23 August, on Fridays the village centre of St. Leonhard fills with various groups playing music and entertaining until late, while different associations and exhibitors show their crafts and offer a variety of drinks and dishes.
Shops are open until 10 p.m. and invite you to take a stroll through the streets. There are also various games and attractions for children so that you can all spend a pleasant evening together. ✨
📷 Benjamin Pfitscher

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Passeiertal-Val Passiria 3 days ago Passeiertal-Val Passiria

Eine gute Vorbereitung für alpine Wandertouren ist genauso wichtig wie das gute Wetter 😉

Hier sind 5 Dinge, die ihr beachten solltet:
· Sorgfältige Tourenplanung 🗺️
· Gute Schuhe 🥾
· Genügend Kondition + Trittsicherheit
· Reichlich Proviant 🥪
· Sonnenschutz 👒

Was muss bei eurer Bergtour noch dabei sein? 🤔

#Passeiertal #Bergtour #alpineWanderung

📷 by Benjamin Pfitscher

Passeiertal-Val Passiria 5 days ago Passeiertal-Val Passiria

"Jeder woaß, wië gern dor Albert seine Fiicher hot" (Jeder weiß, wie gern Albert seine Tiere hat) - dieses Zitat aus unserer Zeitschrift "Miër - Geschichten, die wir uns erzählen", trifft nicht nur auf Bauer Albert zu.
Unsere Bauern halten die Tiere aus Zuneigung und aus Tradition, wobei das Tierwohl an erster Stelle steht. 🐑🥰

#Passeiertal #Schafe #Tradition

📷 by Thomas Tribus

passeiertal_valpassiria 6 days ago passeiertal_valpassiria

Every South Tyrolean knows it, and (almost) everyone who has spent a holiday in South Tyrol has tried it: the "Marende"! 😋

A typical dish that is mainly served in the mountain huts – but not only! You can also taste the "Marende" in the villages and towns in the form of "Speckbrettln" (bacon platters) or cheese platters. 🥓🧀

📷 IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Manuel Ferrigato
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Passeiertal-Val Passiria 7 days ago Passeiertal-Val Passiria

Serate di musica e buon cibo! 🎺 🍷

Approfitta della tua vacanza in Alto Adige per immergerti nella tradizione folkloristica della nostra valle: in diverse piazze di paese potrai ballare sulle allegre note della banda musicale durante le sere estive.
E, tra un salto e una piroetta, assaggiare le appetitose delizie locali: cucina genuina e semplice, come quella di una volta!

📷 Benjamin Pfitscher


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