Lana Region

Lana Region

Be on holiday, feel at home

Home is where you feel at home - and in Lana and its surroundings, you certainly will. The region in the Etschtal Valley combines everything that transforms small moments into the greatest memories. Alpine and Mediterranean, rural and urban flair, hiking and biking trails, mountain and valley. The car-free Mount Vigiljoch can be reached by cableway in just a few minutes and families, activity lovers, peace seekers and connoisseurs will find a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, quiet nature, lively village alleys and gourmet restaurants ranging from alpine huts to starred restaurants.

Lana connects: you and us!
Holiday & home.
Lana, Tscherms, Burgstall and Gargazon.
Gourmet treats and experiences.
Mountains and valleys.
Where tradition and modernity coexist in the village communities, where the inhabitants live in harmony with nature: that's where you'd wish to be.

We warmly welcome you to the alpine-Mediterranean region of Lana. Whether you visit us alone, as a couple, with family or friends: you can look forward to sharing moments of pleasure with your loved ones, feeling freedom and satisfying your desires, getting to know customs and people and being on holiday and at home at the same time.
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Current story & highlights
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Every day anew, nature greets us with a magnificent play of colours in the morning. ☀️ It looks even more spectacular from up here, doesn't it? Our companion also appreciates it... 😉🐈

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Herbs have always been of help to people – both in culinary terms and because of their beneficial and healing effects for various ailments. 🌿 On our herb walks you have the chance to get to know the local herbs and their uses.

© Helmuth Rier, Maria Gapp

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🌟 Soon it will be time for Lana's pedestrian zone to become a melting pot of village and shopping life on Thursday evenings as part of Lana23. Are you already looking forward to it too?

Find out more via the link in our bio!

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Tradition and openness to new things are what characterise Lana and are reflected also in our cuisine. Old recipes that are reinterpreted and refined, local products that are handmade over months and the love that goes into every single dish – yes, Lana is rich in culinary treasures. Do you know them all yet? 🤍

📌 @1477reichhalter

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Exotic scents and flowers that remind you of faraway places... and yet call South Tyrol their home. In the @raffeiner_orchideenwelt , young and old, families from near and far come together and can admire the uniqueness of these plants with all their senses. 🌿💚

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It is well known that Lana and fruit growing have a far-reaching connection. But did you know that we are the largest contiguous fruit-growing area in Europe? 🤫

Join us on a journey through the history of the Lana region and immerse yourself in the unique diversity of our alpine landscape at the South Tyrol Museum of Fruit Growing in Lana. 🍎

© Benjamin Pfitscher

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