Lana Region

Be on holiday, feel at home

Home is where you feel at home - and in Lana and its surroundings, you certainly will. The region in the Etschtal Valley combines everything that transforms small moments into the greatest memories. Alpine and Mediterranean, rural and urban flair, hiking and biking trails, mountain and valley. The car-free Mount Vigiljoch can be reached by cableway in just a few minutes and families, activity lovers, peace seekers and connoisseurs will find a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, quiet nature, lively village alleys and gourmet restaurants ranging from alpine huts to starred restaurants.

Lana connects: you and us!
Holiday and home.
Lana, Tscherms, Burgstall and Gargazon.
Gourmet treats and experiences.
Mountains and valleys.
Where tradition and modernity coexist in the village communities, where the inhabitants live in harmony with nature: that's where you'd wish to be.

We warmly welcome you to the alpine-Mediterranean region of Lana. Whether you visit us alone, as a couple, with family or friends: you can look forward to sharing moments of pleasure with your loved ones, feeling freedom and satisfying your desires, getting to know customs and people and being on holiday and at home at the same time.
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Current story & highlights
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Cool off naturally in a dreamlike setting – that and more awaits you here at @naturbad.gargazon. 🌿 Open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., this is a special oasis of relaxation for all those who like things a little more cosy.

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Mount Vigiljoch is a place with almost magical powers, proven not only by its healing mineral springs at Bärenbad. Just like on St. Hypolyt, the natural energy of this place has been felt throughout the ages. ✨ Prehistoric places of worship were located here, as the numerous finds of hand-crafted flint stones and hollowed-out bowls made from stone dating from the Bronze Age prove.

⛪ St.Vigilius church, built at an altitude of 1,793 m above sea level, was most likely constructed on the site of a prehistoric heathen place of worship. Its location makes this church one of the highest in Tyrol. From July to the end of August on Sundays at 11.00 a.m. there is held a Holy Mass in this church – an event you shouldn't miss once you're here.

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The sculpture walk at the foothills of the Nonsberggruppe leads from Niederlana to the Gaulschlucht gorge and via the Ländpromenade to the Falschauer biotope. 🌿 A unique hiking trail for art and nature lovers alike that never fails to captivate visitors from near and far. Along the way, you will not only encounter unique art installations, but also various natural inhabitants that have made their home here. ✨

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Fancy a brunch? 🥐 "Brunch" is a combination of "breakfast" and "lunch", which is also very popular in the region of Lana among guests and locals, especially now during summer. Sweet and savoury, coffee and smoothie, in the region of Lana, brunch lovers are in just the right place. 🧡

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Mount @vigiljoch1912 not only attracts nature lovers, but also offers special moments of indulgence for enthusiasts of Alpine cuisine. 😋 Whether you want to stop by after a long hike or for a cosy lunch with a fantastic view, discover the many Alpine huts and restaurants on Mount Vigiljoch and be enchanted by the hospitality and the many local specialities.

See here all huts and their opening times on their website:

Photo 10 © @maikewittreck

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