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Be on holiday, feel at home

Home is where you feel at home - and in Lana and its surroundings, you certainly will. The region in the Etschtal Valley combines everything that transforms small moments into the greatest memories. Alpine and Mediterranean, rural and urban flair, hiking and biking trails, mountain and valley. The car-free Mount Vigiljoch can be reached by cableway in just a few minutes and families, activity lovers, peace seekers and connoisseurs will find a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, quiet nature, lively village alleys and gourmet restaurants ranging from alpine huts to starred restaurants.

Lana connects: you and us!
Holiday and home.
Lana, Tscherms, Burgstall and Gargazon.
Gourmet treats and experiences.
Mountains and valleys.
Where tradition and modernity coexist in the village communities, where the inhabitants live in harmony with nature: that's where you'd wish to be.

We warmly welcome you to the alpine-Mediterranean region of Lana. Whether you visit us alone, as a couple, with family or friends: you can look forward to sharing moments of pleasure with your loved ones, feeling freedom and satisfying your desires, getting to know customs and people and being on holiday and at home at the same time.
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Current story & highlights
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The history of Lana goes back a long way, many centuries of culture and traditions building up, resulting in the way it is now – a place to feel connected, taking cosy walks in good company with a view on the region and admiring how far it has come until today. ✨☀️

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Secluded from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, at over 1,000 metres above sea level on the sunny slope of the Vigiljoch, lies the little mountain village of Pawigl – a place to relax and to encounter nature and quiet life at close quarters. The so-called "Pawiglhöfe", the farms of the village, give this place its rustic charm and invite visitors and hikers to stay for a while and enjoy, with a magnificent view of the Etschtal valley all the way to the Dolomites. 🌿

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Not far away from the centre of Lana the Gaulschlucht gorge awaits you with its rushing current to admire as well as calm spots to dunk into the refreshing water to shake off all the built up heat within you. 🌊

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A special circular trail on the Vigiljoch invites you to pause and marvel. Along the “Glaubensweg” faith trail, which enhances the church of St. Vigilius, six stations await you – one of them is the lookout point. Here you can let your eyes wander and your thoughts drift away with the pleasantly cool breeze while you completely absorb the peaceful landscape around you; a special experience in a special place. 🌿✨

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Mystical figures made of stone, at an altitude of 2,000 metres – if that doesn't sound like a special adventure? 💭 The "Stoanernen Mandl" (stone men) above Vöran and Hafling are more than one hundred mysterious stone figures are lined up there. To this day, there is uncertainty about how the figures were created.

It is a true place of power with a spectacular panorama of the surrounding mountains. It has a special charm, especially at sunrise and sunset. 🌱 From Burgstall, the funicular takes you directly to Vöran every 20 minutes, from where you can reach this special place in about 3-4 hours on foot – perfect for a day trip on a hot summer day.

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Hot days call for cooling off! 🌊 Whether at one of the numerous waterfalls in the region or in one of the mountain lakes, the Lana region is rich in places to relax and cool down also outside the public swimming pools. 🤍

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