Sunrise High Up in the Mountain

Sunrise High Up in the Mountain

A true highlight of a holiday in South Tyrol: a sunrise hike. For example on the Laugen Peak.

Getting out of bed that early requires a lot of motivation, but it's worth it. We promise.

The light of first sunrise in the early morning hours in the high Alpine mountains is an incomparable experience. To see the dark night slowly give way to the day, as the the sky shimmers pink, yellow, red and orange above the mountain peaks makes the extra effort worth it. At the latest, when the bright sun rises behind the imposing mountains, hikers experience an unforgettable sight.
The Laugen Peak is the highest peak of the socalled Nonsberg Massif at 2,434 m in height. The two peaks – the Große and the Kleine Laugen – are visible from afar. The Laugen Peak itself is known for its magnificent views of the surrounding mountains, the view of the Brenta Group to the south, the Ortler Group and the Ultental Valley summits to the west, the Ötztal Alps to the north and the Sarntal Alps, Zillertal Alps and Dolomites to the east.

The ascent begins, from the side of the Val di Non/Deutschnonsberg directly on the Gampen Pass, above the village of Senale/Unsere liebe Frau im Walde or the Aler Alm mountain pasture in Proves/Proveis. The Deutschnonsberg lies on the border between the South Tyrolean Etschtal Valley and the Nonstal Valley in neighboring Trentino. Here, in the meeting point between two cultures and language groups, you will experience one thing above all: a truly unique, unspoiled and particularly diverse mountain landscape that is not only memorable on a sunrise hike. The surrounding area is characterized by high mountain pastures and forests, gorges, rivers and mountain lakes. It is not unusual for hikers to observe wild animals such as chamois, deer, and roe deer, or birds such as heather woodcocks.
To see the dark night slowly give way to the day, as the the sky shimmers pink, yellow, red and orange above the mountain peaks makes the extra effort worth it.
The sunrise walk up to the Großer Laugen mountain is a simple summit hike with overwhelming panoramic views. The tour begins at night. For such excursions in the mountains, you should make the effort and start early enough. Nothing is more annoying than just barely missing that one unforgettable sunrise.
Incidentally, the ideal time for an early mountain hike on Deutschnonsberg is during midsummer or in the golden autumn. And not with cloudless skies and sunshine, but when there are some clouds in the sky, as they make for an even more spectacular sight. Who would have thought so?
No later than four o'clock in the morning, you will cycle from the Gampen Pass on the 10A hiking trail up to the Laugen Alm mountain pasture, armed with a headlamp and a torch, to have just enough light on the dark path. Immediately after the mountain pasture hut, continue over the meadows and up above the tree line.
Just before the peak, the path forks into two paths. On the left, the route leads to a steep ridge in the direction of the Großer Laugen Summit, while the path to the right goes up to the smaller summit of the Kleiner Laugen. Between the two peaks, the picturesque Laugensee Lake is still immersed in the darkness. Over rugged but good terrain you finally reach the Laugen Peak. It will still be very cold up here on top of the mountains: a warm hat, gloves and scarf are a must for a sunrise tour. Just as useful: a thermos of warm tea.

Soon you will spot the approaching day coming from the east, as it slowly becomes brighter.
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Living in nature
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