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Historical Spa Town on the Passer River

Merano/Meran is a vibrant spa town, characterized by spacious parks, easy walking routes, botanical gardens and waterways which invite visitors to linger and enjoy the green and pleasant atmosphere of the old town. Visitors will also find many shops and restaurants in the medieval arcades and alongside the elegant art nouveau buildings. The natural spectacle presented by the snow-covered peaks of the glaciers form a backdrop to the palm trees and exotic plants of the beautiful gardens in the old town or in Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. Equally diverse is the cultural program on offer, which includes several high-end food and wine events such as the Merano Spring Festival, the Merano Grape Festival, the Merano Music Weeks, the Merano WineFestival and the Merano Christmas Market.


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love_merano 3 days ago love_merano

Nehmen Sie sich Zeit zum Entspannen und lassen Sie sich vom Wohlgefühl, das die Stadt Meran vermittelt, umhüllen! 😊⁣
Prenditi del tempo per rilassarti e lasciati avvolgere dalla sensazione di benessere che la città di Merano trasmette! 😊⁣
📸 : Tommy Hetzel

Meran / Merano 4 days ago Meran / Merano

📣 The 5 best photo spots in Merano according to us:

🔝Gunpowder Tower
🔝Gilf Promenade
🔝The Kurpromenade and the word "merano" in front of the Kurhaus
🔝Prince's Castle
🔝The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

And you, what other photographic locations do you recommend?

📸 Alex Filz

love_merano 6 days ago love_merano

Nestled in a green valley, surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, Merano offers holidaymakers Mediterranean flair set against an Alpine backdrop 🤩⛰⁣
📸 : Simon Koy

Meran / Merano 7 days ago Meran / Merano

"Believe in yourself and you will change the World - Yoko Ono"

Discover one of the most romantic walks in Merano: stroll in the shade of exotic plants and stop, just for a brief moment, on one of the romantic benches to enjoy the fresh air that rises from the Passirio. 💕


📸 Alex Filz

love_merano 9 days ago love_merano

Ein Blick auf Meran reicht, um das Herz höherschlagen zu lassen 💚⁣
Basta uno sguardo alla città di Merano per far battere il cuore più forte 💚⁣
📸 : Simon Koy

Meran / Merano 11 days ago Meran / Merano

❓ Did you know that...

In the mid-twentieth century, right next to the Wunderbar was the art gallery "Galleria del Corso", in which Peggy Guggenheim exhibited works by artists such as Pollock, Picasso, Dalí but also by local artists such as Paul Flora and Karl Plattner. 👨‍🎨🎨

📸 Oswald Kofler/Südtiroler Landesarchiv

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