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Merano, Historical Spa Town on the Passer River

Merano/Meran is a vibrant spa town, characterized by spacious parks, easy walking routes, botanical gardens and waterways which invite visitors to linger and enjoy the green and pleasant atmosphere of the old town. Visitors will also find many shops and restaurants in the medieval arcades and alongside the elegant art nouveau buildings. The natural spectacle presented by the snow-covered peaks of the glaciers form a backdrop to the palm trees and exotic plants of the beautiful gardens in the old town or in Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. Equally diverse is the cultural program on offer, which includes several high-end food and wine events such as the Merano Spring Festival, the Merano Grape Festival, the Merano Music Weeks, the Merano WineFestival and the Merano Christmas Market.
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Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

Meran / Merano 6 days ago Meran / Merano

Il giorno di San Valentino le Terme Merano lo festeggiano in modo particolare: durante le Special Nights, la sala bagnanti è immersa in una luce soffusa, che crea un'atmosfera romantica.

Ph: Alfred Tschager

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On Valentine's Day the Merano Thermal Baths celebrate it in a particular way: during the Special Nights, the bathers room is bathed in a soft light, which creates a romantic atmosphere ❤
📸 : Alfred Tschager

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Love Is In The Air ❤
📸 : @sandykirchlechner

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Siete al settimo cielo e desiderate trascorrere una vacanza con la vostra dolce metà? Venite a trovarci a Merano

Ph: Marion Lafogler