Historical Spa Town on the Passer River

Merano/Meran is a vibrant spa town, characterized by spacious parks, easy walking routes, botanical gardens, and waterways that invite visitors to linger and enjoy the old town's green and pleasant atmosphere. Visitors will also find many shops and restaurants in the medieval arcades and alongside the elegant art nouveau buildings. The natural spectacle presented by the glaciers' snow-covered peaks forms a backdrop to the palm trees and exotic plants of the beautiful gardens in the old town or Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. Equally diverse is the cultural program on offer, which includes several high-end food and wine events such as the Merano Spring Festival, the Merano Grape Festival, the Merano Music Weeks, the Merano WineFestival and the Merano Christmas Market.
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love_merano 4 days ago love_merano

😍 The great beauty of Merano is being able to discover it step by step. Walks and paths that are free of vehicles, essentially flat and suitable for everyone, wind their way through the architecture, through nature in its urban element, through exotic plants and centuries-old trees.

love_merano 7 days ago love_merano

Winter hiking in the mountains and valleys of Merano and Environs 😊❄️⁣

In the dedicated winter sports areas in the mountains, specially prepared winter hiking trails lead through snowy alpine landscapes, whereas the mild Merano basin is free of snow throughout most of the winter.⁣

There are numerous hiking trails in and around the town center accessible throughout winter, with pleasant temperatures providing a perfect setting for winter hiking in South Tyrol/Südtirol.

love_merano 11 days ago love_merano

😊 Il mattino ha l’oro in bocca: vale anche per tenersi in forma! Con “Early Bird” potete esplorare la natura cittadina e ritemprare corpo e spirito accompagnati da un’esperta di benessere.⁣

- Appuntamento: ogni sabato fino al 26.02.2022⁣
- Ritrovo: ore 8.00 presso la statua di Sissi (Parco Elisabetta)⁣
- Durata: circa 90 minuti⁣

La partecipazione è gratuita, necessaria l’iscrizione.⁣

💚 Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm: Nach diesem Motto erkunden die Teilnehmer bei „Early Bird“ frühmorgendlich die Natur im Meraner Stadtzentrum und erhalten dabei nützliche Gesundheitstipps von einem Experten.⁣

- Treffpunkt: 8.00 Uhr an der Sissi-Statue (Elisabeth Park).⁣
- Termine: jeden Samstag bis 26.02.2022⁣
- Dauer: ca. 90 Minuten.⁣

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, eine Anmeldung ist erforderlich

love_merano 14 days ago love_merano

A new year but still our beautiful Merano 😍

love_merano 17 days ago love_merano

Siamo giunti all’ultimo giorno dei mercatini. Un po’ di nostalgia è nell’aria, già ci manca la magica atmosfera del Natale ⭐️⁣

Der letzte Tag der Meraner Weihnacht ist gekommen. Ein bisschen Sehnsucht liegt in der Luft, wir vermissen bereits die schöne Weihnachtsstimmung.

love_merano 18 days ago love_merano

It looks like a starry sky! Who knows where this photo was taken? 😍✨