Historical Spa Town on the Passer River

Merano/Meran is a vibrant spa town, characterized by spacious parks, easy walking routes, botanical gardens, and waterways that invite visitors to linger and enjoy the old town's green and pleasant atmosphere. Visitors will also find many shops and restaurants in the medieval arcades and alongside the elegant art nouveau buildings. The natural spectacle presented by the glaciers' snow-covered peaks forms a backdrop to the palm trees and exotic plants of the beautiful gardens in the old town or Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. Equally diverse is the cultural program on offer, which includes several high-end food and wine events such as the Merano Spring Festival, the Merano Grape Festival, the Merano Music Weeks, the Merano WineFestival and the Merano Christmas Market.
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love_merano 5 days ago love_merano

In Merano, the summer season starts on Saturday, 14 May: the Merano Thermal Park reopens! ☀️⁣

🏝️ An oasis in the centre of our beautiful city, with 10 outdoor pools, a Kneipp course, a beach volleyball court, a well-equipped outdoor training area, sunny lawns and shady spots under the trees or in the Relax Lounges.⁣

🐢 The turtles have already come back from their winter sleep and are waiting for you at the water lily pond... All that's missing now is you!⁣

📸 : Manuel Kottersteger⁣
📸 : Alfred Tschager⁣
📸 : Therme Merano

love_merano 7 days ago love_merano

Pure relaxation! Immerse yourself in complete well-being, Merano is waiting for you 😊💚⁣

📸 : Alex Filz

love_merano 20 days ago love_merano

🤩 Enjoy the green and blue of the city, the gardens, the parks and the promenades. The Passer, the river that flows through the city, with its peaceful oasis along its banks.⁣

Welcome to our charming city! 😊⁣

📸 : Karlheinz Sollbauer

love_merano 23 days ago love_merano

Last day of the Merano Flower Festival 😍💐🌸🌹🌷 We are waiting for you!

📸 Here some beautiful shots of @karlheinzsollbauer

love_merano 25 days ago love_merano

🧘‍♀️ Yoga Meeting at the Kurhaus - April 23rd-24th, 2022⁣
Join the 10th edition of „Merano in Yoga“, a festival for everyone, beginners, lovers and those already introduced to oriental doctrines and techniques to find some well-being.

love_merano 26 days ago love_merano

😍 Nature in all its variety and beauty is waiting to be discovered at the Merano Flower Festival! See you from April 22 to 25, 2022!⁣

Flower installations and impressive plant figures frame the large trade fair of flowers, rare plants and gardening products 💐⁣

A meeting point for the locals and a regular event for guests, in harmony with Merano's values: authenticity, quality, and richness of experience.