Music Festival - Autumn in MeranO

The 2nd edition of the autumn festival with ambitious music projects from the region. Various dates and locations. Free admission.

The 2nd edition of the autumn festival with ambitious music projects from the region. Special guests: Dado Moroni and Andrea Pozza on two pianos (!) - one programme and many musical genres. "Autumn in Merano" starts on 5 November with a matinee on the terrace of the Hotel Aurora and lasts until 22 December with a concert at the East West Club. The tried and tested cooperation with the Merano Music School also continues.

Programme and dates:
5.11.2022 11:00 - Hotel Aurora
TTT Project (Renato Morelli Quintetto)

12.11.2022 11:00 - Hotel Aurora
Hubert Dorigatti & Bayou Side

19.11.2022 11:00 - Hotel Aurora
Haga Zussa

24.11.2022 18:00 - Music School Merano
Michele Giro Trio + Judit Pixner

25.11.2022 11:00 - High School Merano
Youth Big Band South Tyrol

25.11.2022 18:00 - Music School Merano
Maria Craffonara & VokalEnsemble_2000

26.11.2022 11:00 - Hotel Aurora
The Legendary St. Paul Tschäss Band

26.11.2022 18:00 - Music School Merano
Silvia Turetta / Anna Carol / Nina Duschek (Duos + Solo)

1.12.2022 18:00 - Music school Merano
Special guests:Dado Moroni + Andrea Pozza Piano Duo

10.12.2022 21:00 - East West Club
Marta Mandolesi Trio

10.12.2022 20:00 - East West Club

Free admission. (East West Club free for members, otherwise € 15,00).
No reservations.

Matinée Hotel Aurora - Booking possibility: phone 0473 211 800 -

- Merano Music School, 30 Aprilstr. 19 - v. XXX Aprile 19
- Hotel Aurora, Passerpromenade 38 - Passeggiata Lungo Passirio 38
- East West Club, Passeirer Gasse 29 - Vicolo Passiria 29

Organised by the Muspilli and Sweet Alps Associations, in collaboration with the Merano/Passeier Music School, East West Club and Hotel Aurora, and supported by the Province of South Tyrol/Office of Culture, the Municipality of Merano and the Südtiroler Sparkasse Foundation.
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