Niederjoch Tuifl on tour

The Niederjoch Tuifl from the Schnalstal Valley will wreak havoc again this year in the ski resort and the ski huts.

Their hut tour begins on Suturday, 8 December 2022, at 10 am.
Performance at 17:00 at the central place in Maso Corto.

The “Tuifl” or maybe “Krampus”:
He terrifies and fascinates in equal measure, and is just as much part of the Catholic / pagan tradition as is, for example, the Christ Child. The basic role of Krampus is similar to that of Knecht Ruprecht, who accompanies St. Nicolas on 6 December when he visits families and, waving his Birch rod, threatens to punish naughty children while he is there. However, while Knecht Ruprecht never became culturally significant in his own right, Krampus can look back over a long tradition, which is now being revived thanks to the commitment of an increasing number of local heritage groups. Horns, a thick coat, long claws on his hands and a large, loud bell worn around his waist are some of the striking features of Krampus.
Source: Sparifankerl Pass, Munich
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