Gompm Alm - alpine pasture hut

The Gompm Alm Alpine hut is situated amidst the Hirzer mountain hiking paradise at 1,800 meters a.s.l. One can reach it from Saltaus via the Hirzer Cableway or from Verdins via the Verdins-Tall Cableway.
Every Sunday, we serve fresh bread baked in our own farm oven.
Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats are mostly organic and purchased from local farmers. All dishes served in our Alpine hut are prepared daily in the kitchen with these fresh ingredients.
On request, we are also glad to open the hut in the evening, as our quaint Tyrolean parlors can accommodate up to 65 people.

Gourmet breakfast in our outdoor lounge area on request;
Our “Pick Nick” gourmet basket is available every day;
Various cultural, musical, and culinary events take place regularly;
Nearby attractions include a children’s zoo and playground, outdoor lounge area, herb garden, and a classic skittles alley.
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