Church Hill Landmark in Schenna

In the centre of Schenna lies the Church Hill, notable for its three churches. Dating from the Carolingian era, the 12th Century St. Martin's Church amidst the cemetery is the oldest of them all. With two naves, each with a rounded apse and two centrally positioned octagonal pillars, it is used as a mortuary chapel. A little to the east of St. Martin's Church lies the 13th Century Church of the Assumption of Mary, the so-called “old parish church”. Completely rebuilt in the 16th Century in its existing Romanesque style, the church hosts religious services for small congregations, as well as functions such as baptisms and weddings. The more recent Schenna neo-Gothic parish church was built between 1914 – 1931, while the adjacent mausoleum was built for Archduke Johann and his consort in the years 1860 – 1869.

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From Merano direction Scena/Schenna center.

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