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Merano High Mountain Trail Stage Suggestion No. 3: from Katharinaberg/Monte S. Caterina to Maso Gelato/Eishof

The fourth stage of the Merano High Mountain Trail involves a moderately difficult hike from Katharinaberg through Pfossental valley to the Eishöfe.

Route description

The Merano High Mountain Trail climbs upwards along a forest slope overlooking the mountain village of Katharinaberg and is accessible by car and bus. The bus stop is in the village itself and there is also an unattended car park that is free of charge. From there, follow the trail signposts until you reach the Merano High Mountain Trail. Continue upwards along the road as far as Montferthof farm (1471 m). Just after the farm, staying on the trail, cross the steep arid slopes with their unassuming flora. Passing through meadows, meandering up and down along the trail, you soon reach the distinctive turn into Pfossental valley. The trail drops slightly along an extended forest slope. Care should be taken in the tunnel valley due to falling rocks - even without rain or the like! After passing Infanglhof farm you will reach the road, stay to the right of it and the trail continues upwards to the next inn. Gasthof Jägerrast inn (1693 m), at the end of the public road, is a very popular spot with hikers. A wide trail continues on through a sparse forest into Pfossental valley. If you are watching closely, you might spot the chamois on the opposite side of the valley or a golden eagle that is casually flying through the canyon, as their nests are in the valley cliffs. Having passed a wayside shrine, after a distinctive right turn in the trail, you will see the Mitterkaser Alm (1954 m) and further along the Rableidalm (2004 m). After these two possible stops, the trail continues through a Larch forest. Further on, you come to the Eishöfe (2071 m). Rising up from here, you will see the striking Hohe Weiße (3278 m), its name taken from the bright limestone, and to the left of the valley, the Hohe Wilde (3,480 m) with its dark rock.

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