Merano High Mountain Trail Stage Suggestion No. 5: from Pfelders/Plan to Matatz

General description

From Plan, follow the signs for route No. 24, which leads after crossing three streams to the Bergkristall climbing garden. From there continue down to the Innerhütt inn (1.420 m). Here the Merano High Mountain trail reveals its most typical aspects: solitary forests interrupted by clearings, meadows and mountain farms. Along a series of modest ups and downs the path winds to the hamlet of Christl (1,029 m) above S. Leonardo/St. Leonhard, the main town of the Passeiertal Valley. From here, the route leads south until the double peak of the Laugen mountain above Lana becomes visible. On the opposite side, the rocky mountains of the Sarntal Alps rise majestically to the front.

In order to connect the mountain farms to the valley, the trail run in some parts along paved roads, such as over the Lockengeier farms and from Thal to Matatz above S. Martino/St. Martin (1,052 m.)

Route description

Hiking time:

Plan-Innerhütt · 1 hour
Innerhütt-Ulfas · 1 ½ hours
Ulfas-Christl · 1 ½ hours
Christl-Matatz · 1 hour

Total hiking time: approx. 5 hours

The route features long stretches of asphalt road in between sections of easy mountain trails.

Public transport
The starting point is easy to reach with the following public connections:
With bus line 240 from Meran/Merano to Pfelders/Plan.
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