Merano High Mountain Trail: Hike from Matatz to the Hochmuth

General description

The Merano High Mountain Trail is one of the loveliest circular hikes in the Alpine region. It runs around the edge of the Texelgruppe Nature Park and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding valleys and mountain landscapes. The almost 100 km-long Merano High Mountain Trail was opened in 1985 and is designated trail number 24.
The final stage of the Merano High Mountain Trail runs from Matatz in the Passeier valley to the Hochmuth in Dorf Tirol/Tirolo.

Route description

The sixth stage of the Merano High Mountain Trail starts in Matatz, from where the trail descends into the Kalmbach valley at 820 meters. This is the lowest point of the Merano High Mountain Trail. The trail continues to rise and fall until it finally returns to 1000 meters above sea level near Magdfeld. It now passes by numerous mountain farms, sometimes through woodland, as far as the Longfallhof in the Spronsertal valley, then continues to Gasthaus Talbauer inn and finally to the mountain station of the Hochmuth cable car, the starting point of the Merano High Mountain Trail hike.

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