Merano High Mountain Trail Stage Suggestion No. 4: from the Eishof Farm to Pfelders/Plan

General description

This route follows the forest road, along an old and gradually ascending military route (easy route), with some Alpine terrain (individual snow fields are possible).

The crossing of the Eisjöchl ridge is only advised when the Stettiner Hütte Alpine hut is open (normally between 1 July – end of September, depending on weather conditions). Information about the opening hours can be obtained from the Schnalstal Valley tourist office or the Passeiertal Valley tourist office, which can  also inform you about current conditions on the ridge.

The Stettiner Hütte was swept away by an avalanche in 2013/14. It was rebuilt in 2020/2021 and has been open again since summer 2022.

Hiking time:
Eishof–Eisjöchl–Stettiner Hütte · 3 hours
Stettiner Hütte–Plan · 3 hours

(4 hours ascent)

Total hiking time: about 6-7h

Route description

From the Eishof, hikers must first overcome an 859 m climb, which takes about 3 hours. Following the old military road hikers reach the Eisjöchl ridge (2,895 m) and the Stettiner Hütte Alpine hut (2,875 m) just below. The summits of the Texelgruppe mountain range are truly majestic as seen from here. The Hohe Weiße mountain (3.278 m) is also close by. After taking a break at the hut, surrounded by the three-thousand meter peaks of the Texelgruppe, continue down the path to the Lazinser Alm mountain pasture (1,860 m). Here, hikers say goodbye to the mountain peaks, the mountain flowers and high Alpine pastures, and the world of mountain farms begins again. From the Lazinser Hof (1,782 m) the path leads to Plan (1.624 m) on the left side of the Pfelderer Bach stream.

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