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The Merano Spring

Art and nature share a stage as performers in an intriguing display and engage in a fascinating dialogue from April, for the third Merano Spring event. 

The stage is set in Merano/Meran and in the nearby villages of Naturno/Naturns, Scena/Schenna, and Tirolo/Dorf Tirol, whose mild climate lets exotic plants grow alongside alpine species. It is a backdrop set apart by the stunning contrast between green mountain ranges and white spring blossoms on apple trees, and the setting for the third Merano Spring event and its many attractions.

Over a two-month period, the joys of spring and the beauty of Merano and Environs can be experienced simultaneously, in an area, that has inspired countless artists, writers, and intellectuals over the course of the last two centuries.


From March 20th, the Merano Spring event is celebrated against a striking backdrop of gorgeous blooms.


Merano Spring puts the spotlight on nature, culture and balance with the magnificent blossom as a backdrop.