This is Why You Should Hug a Tree!

This is Why You Should Hug a Tree!

These days we usually rush from one appointment to the next. Sometimes we should take a day off, for just pure relaxation. Put away the smartphone, and begin what we call the process of de-celeration. You will find space for true de-celeration at the traffic-free Mount Vigiljoch recreational area above Lana and Marlengo/Marling.

Daily life is stressful, and life is becoming increasingly hectic. Relaxing is more and more difficult today. Ten minutes in green open nature are enough to release the so-called happiness hormones, in order to increase well-being, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Isn’t that great?

The world of today: we can be reached anytime, anywhere via our smartphones, but ths is exactly what makes us even more restless nowadays. Those who feel like they are caught on a treadmill should consciously seek out moments to pause, let their thoughts relax and perceive the environment around more consciously. This is the idea of so-called de-celeration. And the ideal place to do all this is the traffic-free Mount Vigiljoch.

The only way to get to this high plateau above Lana is via cable car. When the cabin door of the Vigiljoch cable car closes, worries and stress remain outside, almost like meditation. Eight minutes, and you are at 1,486 meters above all the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Breathe in the fragrance of the resin of the larch trees, allow your mind to wander freely and recharge your batteries. THE REGITHE VIGILJOCH IS A TRUE INSIDER‘S TIP FOR A SLOW-PHILOSOPHY APPROACH SUCH AS DE-CELERATION.
Did you know that the Vigiljoch is largely protected as a mineral spring area? Since the 1960s, the water of the 14 Vigiljoch mineral springs has been bottled under the name Meraner Mineralwasser. So, enjoy a sip of fresh spring water on a hike. One highly recommended thing to do up here is so-called “forest bathing“. Diving into a green sea of trees.

Breathe in the fragrance of the resin of the larch trees, allow your mind to wander freely and recharge your batteries. Let the nature of the Vigiljoch have its natural effect on you and simply do nothing for a little while: just wander through nature, take off your shoes and feel the grass under your bare feet. Especially refreshing: wade through the ice cold mountain stream bed!

It is so easy, we have just forgotten how to do it. Take children as role models - the real masters of de-celeration. When children do something, they completely go for it and forget everything else. They do everything with full concentration and without distraction. Something adults have almost forgotten.

Exercise 1:
Concentrate and take a deep breath of fresh air. Feel how the air fills your body and provides you with fresh energy. Exhale slowly and vigorously and repeat this exercise about twenty times. You will notice that even just the concentrated breathing and the fresh air will help you to achieve greater peace of mind.

Exercise 2:
Even if it sounds stupid: hug a tree. Feel its rough skin and breathe in its the scent of its leaves and resin. It my be hard to believe, but a tree can give you energy. If you do not believe it, just hug one and see!

Tips for home:
Unfortunately, we cannot all go on holiday right away everytime we need some de-celeration. Therefore, here are some tips for you to try at home:

  1. Consciously take time for things that are actually part of everyday life and which must be done, for example hanging out the laundry. Concentrate on what you feel. The freshness of wet clothes, the moisture on your hands, the wonderful scent of fresh linen.

  2. The red traffic light is red again! Great! This is a good moiment for letting your thoughts wander for a moment. Take time to consciously consider what has happened to you that day, rather than worrying about the next steps.

  3. Take time to enjoy every bite and every sip of your meal. Eat slowly and carefully. Concentrate on the sounds of chewing and the smells of the dish.

Last but not least, think of your last holiday in South Tyrol ...

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