Etsch Bike Route: Vinschgau Valley, Mals/Malles-Meran/Merano

General description
Starting from Meran/Merano, you can explore the Vinschgau Valley while taking advantage of a beneficial combination: bike and train. The Vinschgau Valley Line, known as the "Vinschgerbahn" in German, offers a spectacular landscape. At the terminal station, located in Mals/Malles (56 km from Meran), you can pick up a bike at the local "Südtirol Rad" or "Papin Sport" point, and then ride all the way back to Merano on a well-maintained bike path. If the way back is too long, you can return the bike at any of the bike rentals along the way and continue the journey to Meran by train. For the latter option, you may want to purchase the bikemobil Card, which combines two different offers: unlimited travelling on all of South Tyrol’s means of public transport and a day trip on a borrowed bicycle. 

The bike rentals of "Papin Sport" are located in Mals, Spondinig/Spondigna, Schlanders/Silandro, Latsch/Laces and Meran, while the bike rentals of "Südtirol Rad" are located in Mals (by the water tower at the train station), Naturns (train station) and Meran (Palamainardo). The bike must be returned to the same rental company.
If you want to cover more kilometers, there is the possibility to take the bus line 273 from Mals to Reschen/Resia and to rent a bicycle there from "Papin Sport". The bike path from Reschen to Mals is about 20 km long with a difference in altitude of about 500 meters.
If you would like to reach the Vinschgau Valley (Mals or Reschen) from Meran by public transport (including transport of your bike), you should keep in mind that:
  • Taking bicycles on the train is subject to a charge and is only possible to a limited extent due to space and security reasons. In any case, priority is given to the transportation of people.
  • During winter, max. 10-20 bicycles can be taken on the train (supplementary daily bike ticket € 7)
  • From July 1st, 2020 to September 30th, 2020, it is not allowed, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and between 3 and 5.30 p.m., to take bikes on the train. Your bike will be transported (for a fee of € 7) by a shuttle service (only bicycle transport) which departs from the railway station in Merano at 9.16, 10.16 and 11.16 a.m. and at 3.16, 4.16 and 5.16 p.m. If the shuttle service is available from mid-June and/or until mid-October, it will be published on the website The bicycles will be transported to the railway stations of Naturns, Latsch, Schlanders, Spondinig und Mals. For the transport of the bicycle, you need to purchase a daily ticket of € 7 (supplementary daily bike ticket).
  • The bus line 273 runs from Mals to Reschen, and has a bicycle rack for max. 5-6 bikes (supplementary daily bike ticket € 7). E-bikes will not be transported. The bus 273 can not be booked in advance. You can also reach Reschen from Meran or Mals with two private shuttle services that carry bikes (including e-bikes): "Südtirolbike" and "Taxi Iris". Find out more at
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