Trail of Legends in Schenna

General description

A wooded area on the meadow track between Thurnerhof and Schenna Castle is home to scarily super legendary figures from Schenna. Kids’ imaginations will really run riot on this cross-country walk where they’ll encounter the carved figures. Mellow light suffuses the mixed woodland with chestnut trees, branches crack and rustling sounds emanate from the undergrowth... if you follow the path from Thurnerhof, where a hollow, ancient Keschtbam (South Tyrolean for chestnut tree) makes you want to play hide and seek, then that is the start of your mythical adventure. Perhaps timid forest fairies live here, or even a mischievous Nörggele. Stefan Kröll created the sculptures and - everyone who hears this is amazed - he did it with a chainsaw. All winter long he worked on the figures for his final high school graduation project at Fürstenburg Agriculture and Forestry Technical College in Burgeis, releasing giants and devils, Nörggele and a small church from pine wood. He selected six legends from the Schenna almanac, including “St. Oswald below the Ifinger”, “the Thaller Nörggele”, and “the Devil carries off a Perjuror”. The stories are told in German, Italian and English on the appealingly designed display boards. Admittedly some of the tales are rather spooky and macabre, and their content is more suitable for older children, but the figures are a delight for children of all ages, who can see what they want in them and even make up their own stories.

Route description
Schenna School - Wiesenweg path (above Schenna Castle) - Thurnerhof - Verdinserstraße Street - Schenna School
description to arrive at destination

From Merano direction Scena.

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