Ifinger Summit Hike

General description

This hike on the Ifinger, Scena's local mountain, provides a magnificent panoramic view of the Merano mountains, but requires a head for heights and is only recommended for sure-footed, experienced hikers.

Route description

The eventful Ifinger summit hike starts at the mountain station of the Merano 2000 cable car. From here, the route continues on foot up to Waidmannalm alpine pasture, past the little church of St. Oswald to the Oswaldscharte and onwards to the Kuhleiten inn. The trail then heads in a westerly direction over the mountain ridge and along a challenging but secure fixed rope route up to the summit of the Ifinger. The descent is via the same route as the ascent.

Description to arrive at destination

From Merano in the direction of Avelengo and on to Falzeben.

Parking lot Falzeben
Public transport
Bus line 225 from Meran to Avelengo/Hafling (bus stop: Falzeben)
Safety instructions

Only for hikers who are sure-footed and free from giddiness.

Before setting out on your day excursion, please make sure of the weather and trail conditions. 


Alpine boots and a via ferrata set for the last meters.

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