Scena to St. Georgen and back to Scena

General description

This pleasant, approximately one hour-long hike leads from Scena to the district of St. Georgen, which attracts visitors with its fresco-decorated round church and wonderful views of the mountains of Merano and Environs.

Route description

The hike begins in the center of the village of Scena. Passing the minigolf course, it first heads up St. Georgenstrasse road as far as the Rodelstein; here it turns left and slightly uphill along the footpath to St. Georgen. Once in the parish of St. Georgen, the route continues to climb towards the Waalweg trail. Here it forks left and runs through the meadows, past the Krebishof and Lothhof farms and back to Scena.

description to arrive at destination

From Merano direction Scena.

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