Taseralm mountain hut to Merano 2000 via the "Oswaldscharte"

General description

This eventful hike over the broad alpine meadows of Merano 2000 passes through the picturesque natural surroundings at the foot of the Ifinger. Along the way there are cozy huts and rustic alpine pastures offering refreshment. 

Route description

This lovely hike over the alpine pastures of Merano 2000 starts from the Taseralm mountain hut and winds along the Taser Höhenweg high mountain trail up to the Streitweideralm mountain hut. The climb up to the Oswaldscharte at the foot of the Ifinger starts here. The route passes over the alpine slopes of Merano 2000 following trail no. 19A down to the Waidmannalm mountain hut and out to the Piffinger Köpfl at the mountain station of the Merano 2000 cable car.

description to arrive at destination

From Merano direction Scena and Taser.

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