Hike along the "Raststeinweg" Trail

General description

This lovely circular hike winds through the alpine scenery high above Merano and offers leisure hikers the full range of scenic charms - shady woodland, blossoming meadows and rustic alpine pastures.

Route description

This hike along the Raststeinweg trail starts in the center of the village of Scena. On Pichlerstrasse the route first bears right along Bergerweg (no. 18A) past the Roathhof farms and Fungganell as far as the Rastlhof farm. The access road then leads to the Salfnerhof and the Salfgut and then descends a little to the Raststeinweg trail. This pleasant, shady trail opens out into Gsteier Weg, finally leading back to Scena.

description to arrive at destination

From Merano direction Scena.

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