The Höfeweg (Farm Trail) on the Schennaberg

General description

The Höfeweg above Schenna provides insights into the rural cultural and natural landscape. The combination of historic farmsteads and fabulous views of Merano and its environs make this hike a genuine delight.

Route description

Following the Wiesersteig trail no. 16, which begins near the Parish Church in Verdins, the route leads to the Hofweg trail which winds uphill past the Hoferhof to the Vallplatz and Holzner inns. Passing the Zmailer, Rastl and Salfgut farms, the trail eventually, after around two hours’ walking, leads down to St. Georgen to the service bus and back to the starting point.

Description to arrive at destination
From Merano in the direction of Schenna and on to Verdins
Parking lot Verdins
Public transport
Bus line 231 from Meran to Schenna/Verdins (bus stop: Verdins)
Safety instructions
Before setting out on your day excursion, please make sure of the weather and trail conditions.
Hiking boots
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