Pföstl wine estate

Wine as an art form – discover our wine estate in South Tyrol
“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle’s wise words may also be applied to wine, or so we believe. Wine is the direct result of a complex combination of soil, grape type, honest work and weather. The certain “je ne sais quoi” of a wine – where does it come from? Could it be a winegrower’s lifeblood, which makes all the difference?

Pföstl wine estate is a little wine estate in South Tyrol. The love for wine is the motivation behind the fine site wines grown and produced here, in new facilities in Scena/Schenna near Merano/Meran.

The men behind Pföstl wine estate
Pföstl wine estate is a dream come true, a dream of two friends who have grown up together and have known each other since early childhood: Stefan Pföstl and Georg Weger.

Georg’s roots on his mother’s side lead back to the Pföstl family. Today, Georg works on the vineyard and processes the grapes in the cellar. The love for wine pointed him towards this profession. Stefan, on the other hand, is a host out of passion; nevertheless, his heart beats for wine. Stefan takes care of the sales and, whenever time permits, helps on the vineyard and in the cellar.

Our wines
Our wines can be divided in two lines: the vineyard line with the grape- or wine labelling and the selection line, carrying the additional label “Valpitan”. Valpitan is the nearly forgotten name of the farmland surrounding our little wine cellar. The name has Romanic roots and can be translated into “valley on steep trail”.

Opening hours: all-season
7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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