Reach Schenna by bus
Reach Schenna in South Tyrol by bus
Reach Schenna by bus
Reach Schenna/Scena and environs in South Tyrol from Germany, Switzerland and Austria by bus.

Transfer from munich to scena
Your bus connection from Germany - Munich to Schenna 

Dates and prices
Every Saturday and Wednesday from 12th March until 5th November 2022.
Return ticket starting from € 75.00
One-way ticket € 45.00

At the tourist office of Schenna.

Train connections from all major cities in Germany at:

Your bus connection from Switzerland to Meran/Merano.

Dates and prices
Every Saturday from 2nd April until 29th October 2022
Return ticket CHF 180.00
One-way ticket CHF 120.00
Booking fee CHF 10.00

Südtirol Express, Egnach (CH)
Tel. +41 (0)71 298 11 11
Fax. +41 (0)71 298 09 17

Train connections from Switzerland at

Daily transfer from various cities to Meran.

Transfer from Meran to Schenna:
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