Christmas Market of Bolzano

A town pervaded by the magic of Christmas. Place: Piazza Walther Platz.

The scent is that of cinnamon and spices, of mountain wood and home-made cakes, of mulled wine and festively decorated fir trees.
The light is that of the wooden houses all tidy and decorated, the light coming from the Christmas tree and shining in the eyes of the children.
The sweet notes of Christmas carols and cheerful harmony waft through the air.
Tastes reminiscent of Zelten with candied fruit, apple strudel, homemade biscuits.
The warmth in the hands of boiled wool, loden, decorated candles, a steaming cup in the company of friends.

The Christmas Market is the most eagerly awaited event of the year: from November 24th to January 6th.

Shopping in Bolzano is a reflection of multi-cultural exchange: from traditional South Tyrolean clothing to designer fashion, from traditional stores selling local products to Italian regional delis, from charming local market stalls to the market of piazza delle Erbe, a colourful triumph of fruits, vegetables, flowers and breads.

Opening hours of the shops:
Monday-Thursday 11-19
Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10-19

24.11.22 17-19 (opening 17)
24.12.22 10-14
25.12.22 closed
31.12.22 10-18
1.1.23 12-19

Opening hours for gastronomy:
24.11.22 17-22.30
8.12.22 10-22.30
24.12.22 10-15
25.12.22 closed
26.12.22 10-21
27-28-29.12.22 11-21
30.12.22 10-21
31.12.22 10-18
1.1.23 12-21
2-3-4-5.1.23 11-21
6.1.23 10-21

Mobility survey South Tyrol's Christmas markets:
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