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Alpenplus Ötzi Trairun - CANCELED

Where Alpine meets Mediterranean: compete along with the top stars of the athletics world!
Inspired by the Ötzi Alpine Marathon, one of the most intensive extreme sports events in the Alps, in 2019 the idea was born to create a similar event for the trail run scene.
The race is the opening of the trail run season in Naturno/Naturns: the Sonnenberg Mountain in the Texelgruppe Nature Park offers perfect conditions even in March!
Over the 15 kilometers of the "Naturno Skyrace" there are around 1,100 meters of altitude difference to navigate. The second run - the "Sunny Mountain Trail" - is about 30 kilometers long with a challenging 2,100 meters of altitude difference that participants must overcome!
Whether you are a leisure runner or a professional: start the new Trailrun season with us!
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